October 17, 2023

Top field service technology solution provider partners with leading cooling industry association to enhance insights and help fight labor shortage

XOi, a leading provider of technician-focused technology solutions, announces a new partnership with the Independent Contractors Exchange (ICE) Group, a select group of independent HVAC contractors specializing in the service and installation of applied HVAC systems.

As the premier commercial technical HVAC peer organization in North America, the ICE Group provides service excellence and innovation for applied HVAC systems including chillers, air systems, cooling towers, boilers, water systems and automation. The partnership provides ICE Group contractors with direct access to powerful field knowledge and insights through XOi’s advanced data-driven solutions.

“XOi provides the ICE Group with the leading smart tools for capturing and evaluating field data with visual documentation, job analytics, and asset insights,” said Rob Bottimore, COO of American Chiller Service. “The partnership between ICE Group and XOi helps our member companies make informed decisions, centralize our focus on service improvements, and support all skill levels of technicians on the job. I believe we will build a generational knowledge asset unseen in the industry that becomes the lasting legacy of the ICE Group.”

XOi’s powerful technology solutions empower ICE Group member technicians to:

  • Share resources and automation to enhance their collective potential and overall service experience.
  • Store shared historical service knowledge, with added smart features to improve accessibility and visual support for each request within their membership.
  • Access educational resources and equipment information so they can make more informed decisions, bridge the skilled labor gap, and provide exceptional customer service.

“XOi’s partnership with the ICE Group is a game-changer for industry leaders in commercial cooling services,” said Aaron Salow, CEO and founder of XOi. “Equipping their members with actionable insights, a central knowledge base, and automated features empowers the group to make informed decisions, mentor new techs, and operate with a high level of efficiency. XOi has eliminated visibility barriers for disparate data sets, providing ICE Group with a competitive advantage for members to analyze service trends, capture and evaluate OEM data, and visualize diagnostic themes. This arms their teams with the ability to increase revenue opportunities while streamlining administrative processes and knowledge sharing between each member.”

The ICE Group’s mission is to improve their people, companies, and the industry through technical support and training, sharing of best practices, and maintaining positive relationships with strategic partners in the industry. For more information, visit icegroup.org.

About XOi Technologies

XOi, the leading provider of technician-first technology for commercial and residential field service companies, arms the field service industry with a digital tool that connects people to equipment. XOi technology is the hub in which every part of the job—from the field to the office—connects to facilitate a transparent experience for the OEM, contractor, technician, and customer. XOi provides remote support, visual documentation, training resources, asset and team management functions, a comprehensive knowledge base, and immediate revenue-producing insights leveraging data from current and historical projects. Beyond this tool that manages efficiency, consistency, and communication, XOi’s goal is to create future-focused technology that modernizes the field service industry as a whole, and helps to overcome the issues that threaten the livelihoods of the hard-working people in the trades. For more information about XOi, visit xoi.io.