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The Independent Contractors Exchange Group

The Independent Contractors Exchange is a group of contractors specializing in installation, operation, repair and maintenance of large commercial and industrial cooling systems and building and process control systems.

Our Mission is to improve our people, our companies and the industry through technical support and training, sharing of best practices, and maintaining positive relationships with strategic partners in the industry.



  1. Improve our people through education and training, technical support, and sound leadership.
  2. Improve our companies through education, sharing of best practices, and best management practices.
  3. Improve the industry through positive engagement with stakeholders and partners.
  4. Assemble a group of the best companies with the highest quality people doing the highest quality work, and with the highest ethical standards in the industry.



Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Who founded the Independent Contractors Exchange?

The group was founded by John Bevington, Brad Bolino, Bob Wilken, John Claybourn, Bill Flynn, Scott Royer, and Scott Tracy.

The Founders Tech Council is Fred Lohr, Rod Kraft, and Jeff Terrill


  1. Why was the group founded?

We believe that tomorrows contractors are going to need more technical support than ever. We wanted to create a group to meet that need by being 100% technical. We recognize the need for support in other areas like sales and management but there are other sources for that. We will provide exceptional technical support, work with the industry as is necessary to support that effort, and facilitate members creating Idea Exchanges to work on business issues.


  1. Who manages the group?

The group is run by a Board of Directors charged with adhering to the group’s bylaws. The founders are the initial directors.


  1. Is the group a formal organization?

The group is being incorporated as a non-profit corporation


  1. What resources will the group offer to members?

Technical sharing over an email listserve, a web based forum for posting questions and information, a web site based source of technical and business information.


  1. Are there committees?

The group will have committees formed for Technical Support, Education and Training, Strategic Partner Relations, Finance, and Membership and Nominating.


  1. Will the group focus on specific products or systems?

Buildings are getting more and more complex and there is a need for technical support on almost every system in a plant or building. This group will focus on large applied products – chillers and related products, boilers and steam generation, power generation and cogeneration, and building controls and monitoring


  1. Will there be meetings?

The group will initially meet once a year for 1 ½ days. We will use technology (Webinars, conference calls, video conferences) to meet in between meetings.


  1. What will the meetings cover?

The meetings will be technical with presentations on technical topics by members, partners, or industry experts. Group business will be conducted off line and reported to the membership before or after meetings. The only group business to be conducted at meetings will be a short session to hold elections required by the bylaws.


  1. Is there any cost associated with membership?

Initial startup costs have been covered by the founders. It is expected that operating the group at its intended level will result in annual recurring costs for technology services. It is expected that a nominal annual membership fee will be required of member companies.


  1. What are the requirements for membership?

Membership is by invitation or by application and is open to best in class companies or individuals who demonstrate the highest competence, the highest ethics, and a willingness to contribute to the group. Competing companies and individuals will receive a high level of scrutiny in the membership process.


  1. Who can join?

Company membership will generally be geographically exclusive. The membership committee may accept a second company in a given market if the company offers substantial value to the group. The group will be open to very qualified individual members on a selective basis.


  1. Will the group attempt to interact with the various manufacturers?

We intend to cultivate and maintain positive relationships at the highest possible levels. The purpose of those relationships is to gain access to technology and give feedback to the manufacturers. We intend to present them with a compelling value proposition based on a very low risk of engagement


  1. How will the group manage relationships with industry partners?

The Industry relations committee will be chaired by a business person with the ability to engage partners at a high level. The members of the committee will be technical support for that effort.